I found this social media seller that gives 50% commission and sells for $15. Min payout is $0, so it’s just free money even if you only get one sale – they send your money to PayPal (or cashapp/btc if you email the owner).

Here is my referral link to register – here Chovago.com

You get your own URL and for every purchase from YOUR URL, you get $8. I managed to earn almost 5k my first month with only automated cold email spamming. 

Here are the steps I took:

1. Register to Affiliate program. You can say pretty much anything in “How are you going to promote” tab. Just tell them you have a mailing list or something like that. Should get you confirmed almost instantly.
2. Find a big list of emails on nulled or any other forum
3. Clean those emails (I used Mail List Validator 2.0) – why you need to clean emails? All the mailing services require you to have a good rating in successful emails. If you have for example 10% bounce rate (10% of your emails are not valid and the email is sent back), you will get banned very quickly. I think using a software like Atomic Mail Sender won’t get you banned, but it will sure save you a lot of time.
4. Use a hosting company that let’s you create a business email and send as much emails per day as possible. I think the best is HostGator and they let you send 500 emails/hour with their SMTP a/c
4.5 (optional) Use Amazon AWS. It is paid, but pretty cheap. Something like $1 for 1000 emails. Even if you get 1 sale in 10000 emails, it’s still worth it. This helps you to get in their general inbox instead of spam or trash. But you can still do everything without it. Maybe I should even recommend starting without.
5. Use Mail sender program (I am using Atomic Mail Sender). I think you need to pay for it, but you can find a cracked one or use an alternative. I like Atomic as I can set a limit to 400 emails/hour, so I know I won’t cross the 500 emails/hour limit.
6. Create a copy for email. I would suggest using ChatGPT to generate text about how you can increase the speed of their computer in no time. Include your referral link and blast away.

Scaling this should be pretty easy. Just create more HostGator accounts and launch multiple mail senders. That way you can reach even more people. I would also suggest using VPN. Not sure if this helps, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you are not getting sales, I would suggest trying out another batch of bulk emails.