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Welcome to my tools page for moneyacademy’s blog, which contains the best tools and sites that I use to build my online business.

All the tools on this page I used  personally  , and I did not put any tools that I did not use (  it is impossible to recommend a tool that I have not tried  )

Dear reader, it does not matter what kind of work you do, but make sure that there are many tools for each field that save you a lot of time and facilitate your work.

Some of these tools are free and others are paid, it is important for you to choose the right one.

Here on this page, I save you the trouble of searching. Whether you work in  e-commerce  ,  commission marketing  ,  CPA  , or  dropshipping   , I will tell you the best tools for that field in which you work.

Before I start explaining the tools, I must tell you in all honesty that some of them are  affiliate links   , meaning that I get a commission from the company when you subscribe to these tools, but you do not pay any additional cost for that.

And know that I recommend these tools to you for their great value in working online, and not for the simple commission that I get.

First: the field of electronic commerce


The best e-commerce platform ever.

If you want to sell online, sell on social networks, or open your own store,  Shopify  is the perfect choice for you

As a result of Shopify’s updates to its offers, this link gives you 14 days for free 

Click here to get 14 days for free

Watch the Shopify Dropshipping Niche Cats course _ for free from here

Second: Building websites or blogs

bluehost bluehost

One of the strongest and fastest hostings in the world that I recommend to everyone and all my micro-niches are hosting Bluehost

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To subscribe to Blue Host, click here

From my point of view, it is  the best platform for creating a mailing list  , and I consider it better than other platforms because it is easy to use, very high conversion, and  the autoresponder and automation method is really awesome  !

Its best feature is to divide your mailing list into small groups and thus increase targeting at no additional cost!

Subscribe and enjoy a 14-day free trial

Subscribe and get 14 days for free


A great platform that I use to host my paid courses. Great technical support and it has free and paid plans!!

You can use it to host your courses or books and profit from selling them (the platform provides full technical support)

Register for free here

Contentberg template

A paid template for WordPress, which is a very wonderful template. I recommend it due to the great capabilities it has, in addition to a wonderful (paid) tool for building pages integrated with it for free, in addition to a large number of plugins integrated with the template for free.

Click here for the contentberg template

If you want another paid template, I will not find a better site than Themeforest to recommend it

Click here to enter the ThemeForest website


Great free site to get high quality royalty free stock images for your blog

Click here to enter Pixabay


A great site that allows you to design images for your website online and for free on ready-made templates

Click here to enter Canva

Google Keyword Planner

A great free tool from Google to find keywords with a high search rate and low competition

Click here to access the Google Keyword Planner

Third: Courses

We offered the best courses to help the public in the fields of online work, such as drop shipping, drop services, and selling courses, thanks to God 

Go to the courses page from here