It is not surprising that now the leading bloggers of this platform are earning millions , and large brands are starting their channels in search of a target audience.

17 Ways to Make Real Money from Scratch in 2023

What is Tik Tok? This is a video platform similar to a social network, where anyone can post short videos or just watch other people’s videos. The purpose of this site is to create unique content that is not available on the same YouTube or other similar sites.

Here the emphasis is on short and mostly entertaining videos, which as a result become “viral” and set trends for the entire Internet community. Here, as in other social networks, there are the usual subscribers and subscriptions, likes and comments, the number of which determines the popularity of authors.

Creativity lives here

how to make money on tiktok views

This platform is quite young, its content is mostly entertaining, but many are concerned about the question “Can I make money on Tik Tok?”

The larger the audience of this site becomes, the more value it acquires for advertisers , and, consequently, more and more ways of monetization appear for both bloggers and professions indirectly related to TikTok (from SMM-specialists to entrepreneurs of a narrow profile).

It’s worth mentioning right away that making money on Tik Tok is very different from the traditional way of earning income on YouTube.

Until recently, tiktokers did not receive anything at all for views, after which the leaders of the platform decided to organize a special fund “TikTok Creator Fund” . From it, in turn, it was planned to pay money to popular bloggers, but it was about rather symbolic amounts.

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In particular, Tiktoker could earn about $15-30 for every million views (for Russians – from $5 to $10), and although the developers promise to regularly raise this rate, no one will be surprised by such money now, especially considering that on YouTube for a similar million views, you can get from $ 100 or more.

You can apply for participation in this fund on a special page in the TikTok application.

If you still decide to earn in this way, you must :

  1. Register with this fund.
  2. Gain from 10 thousand subscribers and from 10 thousand minutes of video views per week.

How then do bloggers manage to earn millions? For this, there are alternative sources of income, which are now more than enough on TikTok.

Most recently, TikTok announced a paid creator subscription . Such a feature would make it easier to monetize, but it’s still pretty hard to imagine that users would be willing to pay for a subscription.

How else can video authors make money on Tik Tok

The goal of the channel author is to constantly increase or at least maintain the number of subscribers, views and likes so that advertisers see some value in his content.

The more popular his profile, the more he can potentially earn, but it all depends on the method of monetization.

Method number 1: engage in direct advertising

Earnings on direct advertising is an unstable, but very promising source of income for tiktokers with an audience of over 50 or at least 10 thousand subscribers.

At this stage, advertisers are more willing to write to the content authors (especially if this person himself appears in the frame) to tell their followers about the advertised goods or services.

How to make money: advertise goods and services directly in the video itself or in the description under it in accordance with the agreements. This can be either hidden or native advertising, which the author will mention in the video, or an invitation to participate in all kinds of challenges or contests of the advertised company.

How much they earn on TikTok in this way: with an audience of over 100 thousand subscribers, bloggers can safely set a price tag for direct advertising within $ 500, although everything, of course, depends on the quality of the content and its subject matter.

In order for advertisers to see your statistics (follower demographics, engagement, etc.), you need to switch to the Creator account in your account settings.

Method number 2: earn through affiliate networks

Although TikTok does not allow you to put a direct affiliate link in the description, TikTokers can redirect traffic to their YouTube, and, accordingly, place referral links there.

In this case, the earning scheme is simple – post links to offers of affiliate networks or specific customers, and receive income for each conversion (for example, for applying for a service or paying for partners’ goods).

Channel owners with more than 50 thousand subscribers can search for affiliate programs on their own on aggregator sites CityAds, Admitad , etc., choosing the appropriate topic.

How much you can earn : there is no “ceiling”, as they say, but it all depends on your skill in advertising the product, the characteristics of the target audience and other nuances. For example, it will be easier for a fitness blogger to “sell” sports nutrition than issuing credit cards, but on a humorous channel it is better to focus on entertainment.

You can agree on both a fixed payment for each advertising post (from 100 to 200 dollars for placement on a channel with 100 thousand subscribers), and about a percentage of the sale of advertised goods (about 20% of the amount paid by the client to the advertiser).

Method number 3: advertise other tiktokers

You can also earn money for mentioning your colleagues in the shop. To do this, it is enough to talk about the blogger-customer in the video, encourage the audience to go to his channel, subscribe, like, and so on.

Alternatively, tiktokers can perform duets with the author advertised by them or shoot so-called reactions in which you shoot a response video to another blogger’s video. Thus, a more popular tiktoker can reap monetary benefits, and a newcomer can attract the attention of subscribers and get promoted.

How to earn: respond to requests from other tiktokers or take orders on third-party exchanges (Tiktopers, Getblogger, Blogun, etc.).

How much you can earn : with 50,000 subscribers, you can take about 500 rubles for a recommendation or more, depending on the requirements of the order and the subject of the channel.

Method number 4: become a brand ambassador

YouTube millionaire bloggers often receive offers from big brands to become their ambassadors . The essence of the work lies in the native advertising of goods and services of the customer.

For example, a blogger wears clothes from the same company in the frame, or a fitness influencer uses dumbbells from a specific manufacturer, talks about them, visits brand exhibitions, shares brand news, and so on. In fact, he tries on the image of a fan of this product, which allows him to increase its recognition and stimulate sales.

How to earn: enter into contracts with advertisers, fulfill the conditions of the client and receive a fixed salary.

How much you can earn : as a rule, we are talking about contracts worth hundreds of thousands of rubles for a period of several months, a year or more.

Method number 5: receive “diamonds” from your followers

Content creators on TikTok can receive so-called “diamonds” – virtual gifts in the form of emoji that fans can send to their favorite bloggers. These are a kind of donations that are valued in local currency and can vary in value from 5 to 5000 Tik Tok Coins.

Each such “diamond” costs about 0.5 cents, and as soon as the author’s wallet accumulates more than $ 100, he can withdraw them using PayPal.

How to make money: create content that fans will be willing to pay for (albeit symbolic money).

How much you can earn : depends on the number of subscribers and their loyalty, however, this method of monetization is rarely used as the main one (this is rather a nice addition than real income for a blogger).

diamonds on tik tok

Method number 6: monetize live broadcasts

As soon as you pass the milestone of 1000 subscribers, a new option will be available to you – live streaming on TikTok (similar to streaming on Twitch or YouTube).

In addition to being an additional function for “communicating” with the audience, it is also a tool for making money. The fact is that subscribers can donate to their favorite blogger right on this live stream by sending Tik Tok Coins we already know, but we are talking about more impressive amounts, since you need to send at least $ 10 (at the rate of 1 Tik Tok Coin = 1 cent ).

The platform takes 20% of the commission for itself, and the rest goes to the content author. Again, as soon as you have $100 or more in your internal account, you can withdraw money to your bank card or PayPal account .

How to make money: increase the loyalty of your audience so that it is ready to support your content with money, and not just activity on TikTok.

How much you can earn : again, it all depends on the activity of the audience, the number of subscribers and many other factors.

Method number 7: sell merch

Launching a line of your own products is tantamount to starting a full-fledged business, so only experienced tiktokers with a high stable income decide on this.

The essence of earnings is the sale of goods of your brand: it can be either personalized merch , or any other product that you want to sell.

How to make money: stimulate sales on Tik Tok and receive a percentage of the profits from the sales of your brand products.

How much you can earn : it is impossible to establish, but this is a rather promising solution.

Not so long ago, blogger Li Jiaqi sold cosmetics for 1.7 billion dollars during a live broadcast in 12 hours .

Method number 8: introduce the audience to your services

TikTok is a good platform for publishing your portfolio , and although not all professions are suitable for it, you can always use a little imagination to find your audience among the users of this social network.

Hairdressers can post hair care hacks, confectioners can make videos about making cakes and other desserts, choreographers can post dance performances, and so on.

The only downside is that TikTok does not have the ability to sort the audience by geolocation, which means that not all of your subscribers will meet the main criterion of a potential client – living in the region or country of interest to you.

How to make money: publish videos about your professional activities.

How much you can earn : you can not earn anything, but you can find potential customers in the face of your subscribers.

An example of advertising your business on Tik Tok

Method number 9: promote accounts of other social networks on TikTok

In TikTok, unlike YouTube, there is no way to put a direct link, or rather, this option is not available to everyone, but you can specify a link to your YouTube channel or Instagram profile.

Thus, you can promote your other or other people’s accounts by “poaching” subscribers.

How to earn money: upgrade your other channels and earn money on advertising there in classic ways, or encourage your subscribers to go to the channels of your customers and receive a fixed fee for this.

How much you can earn : rates are negotiated individually, depending on the number of your subscribers and the subject of the channel.

Popular social networks on smartphones

Method number 10: advertise music artists

Videos on TikTok are inseparable from the music tracks that the authors use as the background for their videos.

With copyright, there are no such problems as on YouTube, and for young musicians this is an opportunity to promote their songs.

How to earn money: individually agree that you will record a video with a new song by a music artist. The more people who watch the video, the more famous the advertised composition will be.

How much you can earn : this mainly depends on the number of your subscribers, but, as a rule, such a collaboration can cost from 5,000 rubles for one video with a track.

Listening to music

Method number 11: sell video greetings

This is an additional way to make money for bloggers already promoted on TikTok.

How to make money: shoot personalized greetings and send them to your customers to please the fans.

How much you can earn : from 5,000 rubles for each congratulation, depending on the duration of the video and the promotion of your channel.

TikTok House

More recently, a new trend has appeared on this platform – TikTok houses . These are real houses where a group of bloggers lives. They create and combine content, which also has a positive effect on their popularity and, accordingly, increases the likelihood of making money on advertising.

How to make money on TikTok without making a video

To make money on TikTok, it is not necessary to make videos – you can earn income indirectly related to this platform.

Method number 1: earn on likes and comments

The easiest but least paid way is to “sell” your likes and comments. This can be done using the Tik Tok Free service : earnings on this site are carried out by completing mini-tasks and accumulating money on the internal balance.

When you accumulate enough coins, they can be exchanged for rubles and withdrawn to a bank card. However, this is far from the only suitable site – consider it just as an example.

In this way, tiktokers promote their accounts and channels: they allocate a certain budget to “bots”, paid users of TikTok, who will leave feedback and react to videos for money.

True, you should not count on big money here, unless, of course, you have at your disposal an “army” of suitable accounts for the mass promotion of other people’s videos.

How to make money: look for offers on freelance exchanges and bookboxes for the query “TikTok promotion”, respond to them, fulfill the requirements of the order (for example, “Like all videos in the last week” or “Leave a comment on a video with a volume of 250 characters or more” ).

How much can you earn on likes on TikTok : from 10 kopecks to several tens of rubles for each completed task / like / comment (you should not count on large incomes, since cheating belongs to the category of gray or even black ways to promote the channel, and, therefore, only young channels or those tiktokers who are experiencing a crisis resort to this method).

how to earn likes on tik tok

Method number 2: make money on referred subscribers

Here the “Bring a friend and get a cash reward” scheme works, but everything is not so simple. To receive tangible money, it makes sense to take on large orders and bring “friends” in large numbers.

For these purposes, it makes sense to advertise other people’s TikTok accounts only if you yourself have enough audience, and the advertised channel is at least indirectly related to the topic of the profile that you are promoting for money.

If you don’t have subscribers, then you need to advertise such recommendation posts, but for this you need to have an appropriate budget and at least a little understanding of targeting – otherwise you will simply “drain” your budget and earn nothing.

How to earn money : look for offers to publish videos or advertising links on a Tiktok account, fulfill the conditions of the order, and receive money either fixed for this publication, or for each user brought / each target action (like after clicking on your link, viewing, subscribing and etc.).

How much you can earn : advertising posts on TikTok cost differently, from 100 rubles to thousands of dollars, depending on the promotion of your account, country and individual conditions for such an order.

Method number 3: administer someone else’s Tiktok account

The more companies, celebrities, and others who visit TikTok, the greater the demand for administrators who manage other people’s accounts on a paid basis.

The fact is that stars and businessmen do not always have time to moderate subscribers’ comments, make captions for videos and engage in other administrative activities. Large companies often involve SMM agencies for this or are looking for individual outsourcing performers – this person can be you.

  1. How to make money: look for customers on freelance exchanges, respond to open vacancies of SMM agencies, or privately write to your favorite stars and bloggers if they have announced the search for a good content manager.
  2. `How much you can earn : it all depends on the subject of the channel, your experience, the range of responsibilities and other nuances, but, as a rule, you can definitely count on 15,000 rubles a month or more.

Method number 4: create and upgrade Tiktok accounts for sale

It should be noted right away that this way of earning money is hardly suitable for beginners on Tik Tok. This is a good source of income for those who have experience in creating and promoting accounts on this site.

There are two paths for the development of events.

  1. The first is to comprehensively develop channels: create accounts from scratch for different phone numbers, fill their videos and promote them by any means known to you until you have an audience of about 10-100 thousand people. When there are enough subscribers, the finished account can be put up for sale.
  2. The second way is to sell your own videos. True, it should be understood that the demand for such content is not so great, so it is necessary to make an effort (think over the script, get a professional camera, set up lights and sounds, use various video effects, and so on).
  1. How to make money: sell ready-made content on various freelancing exchanges.
  2. How much you can earn : from 1000 rubles – for a promoted account with 7500 subscribers, from 100 rubles – for a video.

Method #5: Produce a Young Tiktok Star

Another non-obvious way to make money on Tik Tok is to look for young talents, promote them and earn on advertising contracts that can potentially bring in millions.

You can act both as a content manager for this person and as a producer. However, it should be understood that for this you must have the appropriate competencies, as well as the budget for the promotion of budding video content authors.

  1. How to earn: finance the development of content of other authors by concluding an appropriate contract with them, promote the personal brand of these people, etc.
  2. How much you can earn : it all depends on many factors, so it is impossible to name the exact amount.
Playing guitar

Method #6: Customize Ads for Specific Videos and Channels

There are opportunities to advertise your channel on TikTok , but for these purposes, large brands and popular bloggers often hire SMM specialists to set up and maintain ads professionally.

Through the TikTok Ads service, a specialist can determine and set placement, set up targeting for the target audience, predict the advertising budget and use it wisely.

  1. How to make money: apply for open vacancies as a targetologist on TikTok or get a full-time job at an SMM agency.
  2. How much you can earn : from 20,000 rubles per month.

How much do tiktokers earn

It is rather difficult to give exact numbers, but, as Tiktokers themselves say, with a million-strong audience, you can fully count on an average monthly income in the range of 200-300 thousand rubles .

As for small channels, their price range for advertising services is even greater. Therefore, it is very difficult to say how much you can earn on Tik Tok.

Someone manages to earn up to 25 thousand rubles with 300 thousand subscribers for posting affiliate links on a thematic channel about technology; someone manages to collect tens of thousands of rubles on streams for donations from their fans – everything is very individual.


The country where the author of the content is located , as well as its target audience, also plays a big role in this matter . Domestic tiktokers will a priori have less income than Chinese, European or American bloggers.

For the sake of interest, you can search the Internet for income calculators on TikTok: there you can see the estimated numbers of specific bloggers, statistics on subscribers and their activity, as well as the cost of advertising with such traffic.

5 main rules for Tik Tok monetization

  1. Firstly, at first you really have to work hard on developing your channel . Regular video publishing, agreements with colleagues on the site to recommend each other in their videos, and getting subscribers are essential steps to promote an account in the first year of its life. The exception is creative content creators who manage to get viral.
  2. Secondly, you need to keep the bar . In order not to lose the interest of the audience, videos should be released regularly, but at the same time their content should be interesting: they should match or exceed the level of those videos with which you attracted attention.Signs
  3. Thirdly, it is better to stick to one topic . If you have bet on humor, you are unlikely to be able to please subscribers with videos on the topic of fitness or finance. These should be at least related topics, and preferably the same.
  4. The fourth important nuance is that cheating should not be abused . Artificial followings and likes are only good at first, or at least as a supplement to natural traffic. Otherwise, you run the risk of collecting an audience from fake accounts that will imitate activity exactly as long as you pay.In addition, on TikTok, in principle, subscribers are not as important as views, the duration of watching videos and the reaction of site users. If a blogger has a large audience of subscribers, and his videos are gaining miserable thousands of views, this is only a minus for him.
  5. Fifth and final rule: you need to monetize your account wisely . You should only integrate your content with advertising at the stage when you are confident in your success and your audience. That is why, having collected the first thousand subscribers (especially if there are cheated accounts), you should refrain from explicit monetization.When the audience increases to 5, 10 or 50 thousand subscribers, you can try to experiment with advertising, but ad breaks should be as few as possible, their quality is higher, and intrusiveness is at a minimum. Otherwise, you risk disappointing not only the advertiser, but also your audience. As soon as the followers start to get bored or annoyed, you will lose their loyalty and risk becoming a witness to mass unsubscribing.


Tik Tok earnings are still inferior to those of successful YouTubers , however, SMM specialists see great potential in this video platform. Competition among tiktokers is growing in direct proportion to their income, so now young authors have every opportunity to enter the video content market of this site, and in the future earn big money.

While TikTok still doesn’t have the status of a promotional platform, just think about how Instagram was said in exactly the same way a few years ago. Draw your own conclusions.

Good luck to you! See you soon