What are Cash Cow YouTube Channels?

Cash Cow YouTube channels have gained popularity in the past year and amassed large audiences and earned a lot of money from advertising.

Cash Cow Channel Ideas For YouTube

It is important to note that not all niches are equal in terms of the revenue Youtube will pay for running ads over your videos. For example, childrens videos get a lot less than Crypto or Finance.

Keep this in mind when choosing your niche. As with building a blog & choosing the best affiliate programs – you can do all the same work for minimal payout or choose a solid niche with a good comission and build for that.

Here are ideas for a cash cow Youtube channel

that you can start today:

Finance & Business Tips

Finance and business related topics have a high CPM rate for views due to the high price of software, courses and related products. This is a great niche to start a faceless Youtube Channel in and the one I would go for personally.


Crypto and Youtube go together like bread and butter!
Creating a cash cow Crypto channel is fairly straightforwad and teh more hypey the content and risidulous the thumbnail the more likely you are to get views.

* Sidenote – in research for this post I had a sales call with 3 Youtube Cash Cow Channel creators / and every one had a Crypto channel in their portfolio! They were all making questionable videos on topics like Get Free Bitcoin which I though was scammy.

Life Hacks

Life hacks are channels that can help you with everything from how to save money to how to get rid of your junk food cravings and much more. This is a great cash cow channel idea for anyone who needs some inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle. Evergreen and family friendly content.

Celebrity Gossip

Celebrity Gossip is a solid cash cow channel idea where you create content about famous celebrities and sports people around celebrity news and gossip. The thing to be careful of here is the rights to using there video. High demand, but also high competition from media companies and magazines.


Creating videos about luxury products is one of the best ways to create a faceless Youtube channel. Luxury Houses, Luxury Travel, Luxury Home Decor, Luxury Cars, Luxury Yachts etc This can be really lucrative as well due to Luxury products having a higher CPM. This also covers rich people and their lifestyles.

Food Tips & Recipes

This is another popular cash cow category of videos, and it can be a great money maker. You start by creating videos about food tips, recipes, cooking tips, or anything related to food. All you have to do is create videos about the best ways to cook something in your particular niche, or outsource the video creation and monotize with affiliate links. You can also create video diaries to talk about your various cooking experiences as well as dive into things like History of Parsley, History or Italian Food. You catch my drift

Animal Facts

YouTube grew with its adorable animal videos. YouTube is well known for its cute animal videos. Early on, YouTube was just for fun and to watch cat videos. Then people realized they could make money off of videos, too. You can create videos about interesting animal facts or create videos on various animals. Content like going through each Cat Breed and sharing 10 tips about each breed. There are around 40 extant species of cat around the globe, so you can then make comparision videos like Tiger vs Lion etc. That’s about 500 video topics already! This can be repeated across any animal.


Compilations are another faceless Youtube channel idea. A good example I often find myself watching with my daughter is Funny Video Compilations. You could also do Fails compelations (like Gym Fails) or Trending topics like Tik Tok Dances. These channels can get a lot of views but require more work to get the content. Animals would be 10x easier in my opinion.

Meditation / Relaxation Channels

Meditation and relaxation channels (including ones of Fireplaces / Beaches on a loop) are simple channels to create and some of the ones that had the biggest success initally. I wouldn’t touch this niche now due to how many people entered it and because it is always used as the example in Youtube Cash Cow Courses. You simply put relaxing music over stock footage and loop the video. Sometimes using the same video scene for the entire video.

What are the most profitable YouTube Niches?

As one of the largest platforms for content creation and teh second largets search engine in the world, YouTube is a fantastic platform for content marketers to build brands, promote products and generate advertising revenue. Based on our research some of the most lucrative niches are here.

  • eCommerce
  • Make Money Online.
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing. 
  • Finance, Investing, Trading 
  • Legal
  • Photography & Film Making. 
  • Cars. 
  • Lifestyle.
  • Fashion & Clothing.