Ways to invest and profit from the Internet

    1- General Introduction:

   With the development of science and technology in which we live today and with the development of the uses of the Internet, the development of work, investment and trade methods, where it became possible  to work, trade and profit from the Internet, and even to open projects, companies and investments  based on their work via the Internet  , as we know in our present time, there have become many modern technological companies The basis of its work depends on the Internet, and among the most famous and profitable companies are Google, Amazon, YouTube, and Facebook.

    Not only that, but business has evolved via the Internet to include many areas, including in the field of search, such as: Google, Gmail  Yahoo, and  others … 

And the field of blogging such as Blogger and WordPres, including in the field of communication such as: Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail, TikTok and others …

    Including in the field of banking and money, and perhaps the most famous electronic banks and  money transfers currently:   PayPal   ,  Payonner Bank   ,  Skrill Bank  .

As well as the field of e-commerce, and perhaps the most famous and most successful online store is Alibaba.com, Ali  Express Aliexpress.com, Amazon.com, and others..

    As well as the field of advertising and advertising, including Google Adsense and other companies that are interested in providing advertising services and organizing them among advertisers and publishers.

    Also, in recent years, modern profitable companies and platforms have appeared that are interested in providing self-employment opportunities for people, including some Arab companies such as: Fives, Al-Mustaqil, and others..

    There are also many different areas of profit from the Internet, and with all these developments, the idea of ​​​​profiting from the Internet has become a familiar idea for most Internet users at the present time, but the problem that many suffer from is choosing the appropriate method for profit from the Web.

    2-  Definition of investment:

    The word investment means: benefiting from the assets purchased by the person or  company to obtain profit later; As the value of assets increases over time; When traders buy commodities for investment and do not dispose of them and save them,  and wait for their value to increase in order to achieve profit, and in another practical way  it was defined as  dispensing with some assets (such as buying a piece of land with money) at the  present time with the aim of achieving a greater return for it in the future, and it is worth mentioning that shares Bonds and real estate properties  are among the most important financial assets  that  generate benefit and future income for the investor.

The investor is the individual, company, or institution who owns money to buy assets , and who reap material returns from the investment process, and  the investor relies on various assets to earn a large return  profit  and achieve financial goals  such as: collecting savings for retirement, financing university education, or collecting wealth  with The passage of time, and the investor uses several financial assets such as: stocks,  bonds, foreign currencies, gold, silver, the stock market,  retirement plans, mutual and traded funds to achieve his goals, and all  investors wait for the right time to take advantage of opportunities before venturing in order  to reduce potential risks while ensuring a large return.

    3-  Investment motives:

    The primary motive for investment is to build wealth and make profits from  available capital.  Instead of these funds remaining frozen, they can be used  in a correct manner, raising their value and increasing it many times over. The following is an explanation of the most important  motives for investment: 

   * Investing allows money to grow and increase over time; When used  in the field of stocks or bonds, it will return profits in  the long run, and this means building money and multiplying wealth.

* It is a way to secure the future by taking advantage of the profits and income after retirement; That is, it is a way to secure a new income after retirement and old age.

   *  It allows a person to develop his money by putting it in the right place, which  increases its value and returns to the person a good profit; Putting money in the right place will increase interest and profit for the investor.

    4 – Challenges facing the investor:

Investors face many challenges and difficulties that make the investment process difficult  . Here are some of them: 

  •  take risks of which they are not previously aware; There are many hidden risks  that may seem simple, but  they may   expose them to investment failure,  and it is better  to stay informed as much as possible to know the risks that may occur and confront them  early.
  •  Limited capital, and they may face this problem later when they start buying financial assets and notice their high prices, and partial shares can be subscribed in these less expensive cases. 
  •  Entering the investment at an inappropriate time,  and it is better to follow a strategy  to enter the markets gradually in order to avoid big losses. Entering the field  of investment without consulting experts   who do not help give an idea  about projects and material returns.

        5-Types of investments: 

    There are four main types of investments that offer different levels of risk and return. Most investors develop a strategy that includes more than one type of investment to distribute risks and maximize returns:

    A- Stocks:

       When you invest in a company’s stock, you buy an ownership stake in that company and become its shareholder. Equities are arguably the riskiest asset class, but they are also the most beneficial.

    A stock investor can make a profit in two ways: an increase in the  share price and a dividend. An increase in the share value is not income unless the share is actually sold. Whereas, dividends are the regular income paid to the shareholder  from the earnings of the company. If you are a long-term investor, it is better to reinvest the profits than to cash them out. Not all companies distribute dividends to their shareholders, and distributions vary greatly from one company to another.

    Investment returns and risks differ for both types of stocks, depending on factors such as the economy, political landscape, company performance, and other stock market factors. It is not recommended to invest in stocks in the short term  ( speculation )   , as it is difficult to predict the market and predict future events..

    B- real estate:

    Real estate is also considered a sustainable investment because the prices of houses and other real estate can rise significantly over a medium to long term period. They used to say real estate values ​​never go down. Some people stopped saying this after the 2008 financial crisis, yet the drug gets sick and doesn’t die. The truth is that real estate rarely loses value over long periods. The value usually increases at a  faster rate than the rate of inflation.

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    D- Investing in digital currencies:

Digital currencies can be defined as a form of currency or various means of exchange of benefit, which offer similar characteristics to physical currencies  ( paper and coins )  , but differ from them in that they are digital, that is, they are not tangible. One of the characteristics of digital currencies is that they allow instant transactions and transfer of ownership. .directly, without limits, without restrictions.

More precisely, it is a program written in a specific programming language and using the most global encryption techniques that make it impossible to hack and manipulate it. Digital currencies is a term used to denote all  these applications that use Blockchain technology, whether these applications represent a digital currency or they represent anything else such as smart contracts and other smart contracts.

Digital currencies or digital money are different from physical  ( such as banknotes and coins )  that display similar characteristics to physical currencies, except that they allow for instantaneous transactions and unlimited transfer of ownership. Both virtual currencies and encrypted currency are considered  type  of digital currency, but the opposite is not true 

Similar to  traditional money, these currencies can be used to purchase physical goods and services.

But it can also be restricted to certain  communities, for example  for use within an online game or  a specific social network.