eBay is a great place to sell digital products but they can also make it a pain in the ass sometimes. I’ll teach you one of the methods I use to resell SMM services for a huge markup, racking in all that $$$.

Step 1: Ideally use an aged eBay account and link it to a bank account / Revolut. (You can buy aged eBay accounts if you want)

Step 2: Find an SMM service that is super cheap to resell. (Personally I use this) non-ref link here (https://chovago.com)

Step 3: Create a title that doesn’t directly say that you’re selling the service of your choice to avoid eBay auto detection. (For example if you are selling instagram followers, a good title I’ve seen is “Instagram Marketing: Social Media Marketing Guide: How to Gain More Followers”.

Step 4: You’d want to create a thumbnail that shows exactly what you’re selling. Like the photo below.

Step 5: Create an enticing description using ChatGPT to lure customers in.

Step 6: Make sure when you are creating your listing, to turn on eBay ads! The good thing about eBay ads is that it will only charge you if the customers buy the product. No random ad fee bull shit.

Step 7: Wait for your first sale, it will take some time for the listing to go through and be verified but after, money will just start pouring in.

It is important to check the market for prices similar to your own and make it slightly lower so that customers are more intrigued to purchase your product!

Step 8: Rinse and repeat for all the services offered by smmflare or whatever site you use.

Step 9: Now all you will need to do is respond to customers and take care of their needs. Ensure good service to farm 5 star reviews. (More reviews = More money!!!)

Here’s my experience with it so far, excited to see what you guys can do too!