The phrase “profit from Blogger” has become the talk of many beginners who want to profit from the Internet, but in reality they do not know the correct way to do so.

There are many people who started a Blogger blog and started publishing articles on it, and immediately after he asked Adsense to review his blog to profit from ads, his request was rejected, claiming that there were errors that you should review on your website.

However, there is another type of person whose blog was accepted to display advertisements on it, but after a lot of effort, knowing that it has been six months or more since the creation of the Blogger blog, and more than 30 articles have been displayed, but the biggest calamity is that the percentage of profits is very weak, so that it does not exceed Sometimes $0.01 per day.

In this article, we will introduce you to how to make a profit from Blogger, while mentioning the most important correct steps that you must follow to create a blog in a professional manner, which, God willing, will make very respectable profits from it, which may save you from a government job.

I will also share with you my experience in accepting my blog, Pudali, by the advertising company Google Adsense, which, praise be to God, has now become a real and important source of making money, after I thought that profit from Blogger was just an illusion.

Note: From time to time, I will provide you with links to topics that are no less important than the topic of our article, and which we have previously written about.

First: Defining a Blogger blog and how to create it.
Second: Blogger template blogger templete
Third: The free Blogspot domain
Fourth: Paid domain
Fifth: Blogger SEO
Sixth: Accepting AdSense for the blog in order to profit from it
My earnings from blogging
First: Defining a Blogger blog and how to create it.
Dear readers, I will refer you to the link to this topic, which we have previously detailed in a lengthy topic on your blog pudali, as I consider it an important topic, because I talked in it about the basic building blocks in creating a Blogger blog.

Second: Blogger template blogger templete
The Blogger template is considered a home for your placements, as it comes first in the list of acceptance of your blog on Google Adsense, but before downloading any template on your blog, whether it is free or paid, these basic and important conditions must be taken into consideration.

1- The template must be fast, so as not to make the visitor wait for a long time when clicking on one of your site links. If it is like that, no one will enter your blog. This also has a great chance of AdSense accepting your blog. It is preferable that its speed exceed 50% on computers and 20% on smartphones. The higher the speed, the better.

Blog speed measurement site:

2- The template must be responsive to all electronic devices (smartphones, computers, electronic boards, TV screens…)

3- The template should not contain redirection codes, as this would deceive the visitor.

4- The template must contain codes that direct the visitor to external or internal links, meaning that all links work. If you click on one of the links and it takes you to a page (URL 404), you must solve the problem, because in most cases Google AdSense will not accept you.

5- It is better to avoid free templates, because they often contain errors, and thus they may affect your blog and will not be accepted.

6- Paid templates are considered much better than others. They will only cost you, dear reader, $5, while the good ones cost between $8 and $15.

Third: The free Blogspot domain
There are many people asking: Is a free domain accepted in AdSense?

Blogspot means a free domain (your site address) given to you by Blogger, and it is as follows: As you can see, this address bears the Blogger company code, and this is normal because it is free.

Just to answer the question of whether a free domain is accepted. Of course, dear reader, it is accepted, but AdSense prefers a paid domain.

Fourth: Paid domain
You can buy an address (url) for your site, for example:, so as you notice with me, this address is easy for the visitor to remember, so that he can easily save it and return to your blog again.

I prefer that the domain end with: .com because you may find inexpensive domains such as: .me, .tk, .org, and others.

These are the most important sites for purchasing domains.

  • Godaddy website
  • Namecheap website

Here in this article you will find additional and detailed information about my experience in making profits from blogging, and how, praise be to God, I became earning more than $20 a day.

Fifth: Blogger SEO
By blogger SEO, we mean that your blog’s positions appear in the first results of the Google search engine. In fact, in this axis, we will address two basic points. The first relates to the basic conditions that must be met in your articles before submitting a request to review your blog, and the second relates to ranking at the top of search engines.

Dear reader, dear reader, each of your articles must contain the following:

1- The content of your blog must be purposeful, and must not incite violence, racism, sex, drugs, stolen movies… and other illegal content.

2- The content of your article must be exclusive, meaning that it must not be stolen from websites on the Internet.

3- If the images are not copyrighted, this means that they are free. The smaller the size of the images, the better it is for the blog in terms of its speed of response. There are several sites that provide the service of reducing the size of images. Make sure to put the title of your article on the image.

4- Your blog must have the Privacy Policy and Contact Us sections.

5- It is preferable that the number of words for each topic not be less than 500 words. The more, the better for the Google search engine, so that it appears on the first page of search results.

6- It is recommended that the number of articles on your blog exceed 18 before requesting a review of your blog. Of course, there are those whose blog was met with 13 articles, but to avoid rejection, try as much as possible to write more than 18 topics.

7- At least one month must pass since your website was created before paying for AdSense to generate income.

8- The external links provided in your article for explanation must be links back to original sites.

9- Respect the paragraph system, so that your article is divided into several paragraphs.

10- Your article should include keywords or semantic words that the audience is searching for. To know this, I advise you on the site: Google Adwords. There are several sites to know the most searched words and the most profitable in terms of clicks. To rank at the top of search engines.

11- External and internal links play a major role in keeping the visitor on your site. By internal, I mean links to topics that you have previously written about on your blog, while external are those that refer the visitor to sites other than your site.

12- Share your articles on social media to bring visitors to your site.

13- To request monetization for those who own a domain, they must submit the request from within your blog, by entering Earnings and clicking on Subscribe to AdSense.

As for those who own a paid domain, they can submit their application from within AdSense, and the site review process often takes between an hour and two weeks.

Sixth: Accepting AdSense for the blog in order to profit from it
Congratulations to you, dear reader, here you now have to log into your AdSense account and copy the Blogger ads code to place it inside the articles or on the website interface without doing much about it.

You must respect the AdSense policy rules so that your account is not closed.

Try to schedule articles to be published on a regular basis, at least one article per week.

My earnings from blogging
Praise be to God, I make profits from this site ranging between 50 Moroccan dirhams, which is equivalent to $5, and 300 dirhams, which is approximately equivalent to $30 dollars.

I was able to achieve these profits in no more than 4 months after creating the site, and these profits multiply 5 times the profits of YouTube. This, if anything, indicates that the profits of blogging are much greater than the profits of YouTube.

Sites that may help you make more than $1000 from blogging:

Exclusive article checking site

Site to get free images

Article writing site chatGPT

a summary

Profit from Blogger is considered a source of income for many bloggers, as it earns them a lot of money on a monthly basis. Here, in fact, I do not know why our Arab youth are not interested in the issue of blogging? This is your real chance to earn thousands of dollars from your Blogger blog.

Do not forget, dear reader, to share the article with whomever you think is in dire need of knowledge of the correct methods in professionalizing the world of blogging. Thank you in advance.

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