Learn about the Fiverr affiliate program, or what is known as commission marketing on Fiverr, and how anyone can earn high amounts of money if they succeed in it.

Fiverr is one of the best freelance platforms that freelancers from all over the world visit to market and sell their services. On the other hand, Pfeiffer is known as the microservices site, as it helps customers interested in purchasing the services of freelancers, starting from only $ 5.

It is very important to understand this connection (Freelancer-Pfeiffer-Customer Services), because we will explain to you through this article how to earn money from the Fiverr website without the need to register as a freelancer.

I personally joined the Fiverr affiliate program a few months ago, and in less than a month I started making money from it. Therefore, I decided to share my experience with you, especially since it did not require me to register an account as a freelancer on Fiverr or the need for any skill or experience in any field.

I will try to point out all the information you need to know about the Fiverr Affiliate Program and the most important tips you need to succeed in it.


 What is the Fiverr commission marketing program?

The Fiverr affiliate program is a marketing strategy that Fiverr uses to increase the number of visitors, sales, and profits, so that anyone in the world can join it and get a financial return for each successful referral.

That is, the program depends entirely on your referral to new individuals who want to purchase services from Fiverr.

More clearly, suppose that Ibrahim is a freelancer working in the field of video editing on the Fiverr website, and Youssef is a person I know who is looking for an individual to help him edit videos he recently filmed. I get a financial return in exchange for my referral to him.

There is more than one way to market Fiverr services and deliver them to interested individuals, but let’s first learn how to create an account in the Fiverr affiliate program.

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How to sign up for the Fiverr affiliate program

To sign up for the Pfeiffer Affiliate Program and start earning money (up to $150) for each successful referral you make, I’m going to simplify the process in the following steps:

1. Open the Fiverr affiliate program

So, the first step is to go to the Fiverr affiliate marketing site, which differs from the regular Fiverr website, by clicking on this link: Fiverr affiliate program . To be directed to the next page.

Open the Fiverr affiliate program

The beautiful thing about the Fiverr Affiliate program is that it accepts all individuals, meaning that your request is not studied, approved or rejected, but you can start commission marketing immediately after creating your free account.

2. Create an account on the Fiverr affiliate program

So we click on the green box “Start Earning Now” to start the registration process on Fiverr Affiliate website .

As shown in the image below, you must fill in all the fields mentioned, and the fields indicated with a red star are compulsory fields in order to be able to complete the registration.

Create an account on Fiverr affiliate program
Create an account on Fiverr affiliate program

In the Account type section, choose a private account if you do not represent any company.

In the next field “Do you have a main source of traffic?”, choose “Yes” only if you have a website or social media pages of your own that you will use to market Fiverr services. If you choose yes, new fields will appear for you to mention links that lead to your site or any other source that you will use in marketing. If you choose “No”, you can continue without mentioning any link.

Later, choose your country and keep the English language, unless you want to use another language for your control panel.

On the next page, choose the marketing methods that you will adopt to promote Fiverr services. You do not have to choose all of them, but it is sufficient to mention the platforms on which you have an account.

In the “Tell us about the interests of your audience” option, if you do not have a website or platforms that target a specific audience, it is not necessary to choose a specific category. You can choose all categories or some of them.

Finally, agree to the terms and conditions and click on the registration box.

A note will appear on the next page confirming that your registration on the Fiverr affiliate site has been successful.

3. Login to the Fiverr affiliate marketing dashboard

To access the control panel of the Pfeiffer affiliate marketing site, you must log in according to the username and password that you chose when creating the account.

Upon completing the login process, you will see the control panel shown in the image, which you will use permanently for marketing and monitoring your statistics.

Log in to the Fiverr affiliate marketing dashboard

The front page “Dashboard” shows you detailed reports on the engagement you get from your followers. What you care about is:

  • CLICKS: This indicates the number of times people clicked on your referral links.
  • REGISTRATIONS: Refers to the number of times these individuals created a new account on Fiverr.
  • FTB: Refers to the number of successful conversions or more specifically the number of times the services were purchased by individuals who clicked on your referral links.
  • COMMISSION: Shows how much money you earn for each successful referral.

What are the ways to make money from the Fiverr affiliate program? 

Earnings are credited to your Fiverr affiliate account for every successful referral you make. However, the individual you refer must be new to Fiverr and not have an account.

That is, if the individual you referred already has an account and purchases a service through your referral links, you will not get a commission. The individual must create a new account and then purchase the service.

The amount of earnings that can be earned from the Fiverr affiliate program depends on the type of referral link you choose and the amount of money the referred individual spends.

These are the ways to earn from Fiverr Affiliate:

1. Fixed amount profit between $15 – $150 CPA (cost per action)

In this option (called Fiverr CPA ) you will get a fixed amount of money ranging from $ 15 to $ 150 for the first purchase made by the person you referred.

The amount of earnings depends on the action that person performs.

For example, you will get $150 if the person subscribes to Fiverr Pro services, or you will get $50 if the person you referred buys one of the services from certain categories such as Industrial & Product Design or Graphics & Design, and you get another commission for other categories. other services.

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2. Earn a fixed amount of $10 with 10% of the value of the service

This option is called Fiverr Hybrid .

You will get a fixed profit return of $10 for the first purchase only for an individual (regardless of the category whose services are purchased), in addition to 10% of the value of any service the customer purchases from Pfeiffer during a full year (for example, if he buys 10 services during the year The first of his subscription gets 10% profits from the value of each service).Note: The aforementioned methods of profit from Fiverr Affiliate depend mainly on the purchase of the customer (the person you refer to the Fiverr website) for any of the Fiverr website mini-services.

Profit from Fiverr Affiliate does not only depend on referring individuals to buy micro-services, but there are other commission marketing programs that help you earn higher amounts of money than Fiverr Affiliate.

These methods are:

3. Make money from fiverr business

Fiverr Business Affiliate fiverr business
Fiverr Business Affiliate fiverr business

Fiverr Business is an independent platform designed to provide professional services or large projects to large teams and companies.

If you promote this platform, you will get a greater financial return.

You get $100 when the individual who registers through you spends $100 through the Pfeiffer business platform, in addition to a 10% profit share for each purchase made by this individual during a full year.

Since the Pfeiffer business website targets large projects, interested customers will easily spend $100, and thus you can get high financial returns.

4. Earn money from Fiverr for distance education, affiliate Fiverr learn

Fiverr platform for distance learning

The Pfeiffer distance education platform is a new platform (similar to Udemy ) that publishes many remote training courses to acquire the most important skills required in the labor market.

Whether you are looking for Photoshop courses , graphic design, e-marketing courses , content writing, video editing courses , voiceover courses , etc., you will find what you are looking for on this wonderful educational site.

As long as the courses are sold on the Pfeiffer Learning platform for amounts ranging from 20-70 USD per course, you will be able to earn money for each successful referral through the Fiverr Affiliate Program.

The advantage is that Fiverr gives a higher financial return than the commission marketing programs of similar platforms, as you get 30% of the price of the course purchased by the individual you referred.

What are the commission marketing methods for Fiverr services? 

All Fiverr services and platforms mentioned in the previous section can be promoted via advertising links or banners.

You must rely on platforms on which you are active to spread these links and reach interested customers.

If you own a website, you can get a code to display advertising banners in parts of your site and attract customers.

Here’s how to find ways to market and promote the different Fiverr services in your Fiverr affiliate account:

1. Obtaining advertising banners from the Fiverr affiliate account

After entering your control panel, from the left section, select “Marketing Tools” and then click on “All Marketing Tools”.

No advertising banner will appear to you unless you click on the “Show creatives” box, to show you all the options for advertising banners as shown in the image.

Obtaining advertising banners from the Fiverr affiliate account
Obtaining advertising banners from the Fiverr affiliate account

Here is an example of an ad banner and how it will appear on the website:

The code for any advertising banner can be obtained by searching for the “Get html code” option next to any option that appears to you in the marketing tools available on the platform, and then copying and pasting this code in the appropriate place on your website.

When choosing an ad banner, pay attention to the type “BRAND” next to it, whether Fiverr Hybrid or Fiverr CPA.

As mentioned earlier, the difference between the two types is the difference in earnings from successful conversions.

We mentioned that Fiverr Hybrid has a fixed profit return of $10 for the first purchase with 10% profits of the value of any service the customer purchases during a full year, and Fiverr CPA has a fixed profit return that ranges between $15 – $150 for the first purchase from the customer.

Also, the size of the advertising banner “SIZE” plays an important role in choosing the appropriate marketing method in the right place on your site.

2. Get links from your Fiverr affiliate account

From the left menu in the control panel, click on “Default and Deep Links” to show you 4 links for marketing and referring visitors to Fiverr sites. As seen from the picture.

The first Fiverr CPA link leads the visitor to the main page of the Fiverr website, and you get the Fiverr CPA commission that we talked about earlier for each successful purchase by individuals.

Your choice of the second link leads visitors to the main page of the Fiverr website, and you get the Fiverr Hybrid currency that we mentioned earlier for each successful purchase.

The third link is dedicated to marketing the courses that are offered through the Fiverr Learn platform, and when clicking on it, the visitor will be directed to the main page of the Fiverr Education platform, and you will get a 30% return from the price of any course purchased.

The fourth link leads visitors to the Fiverr Business home page, and you get $100 when the visitor spends $100, in addition to a 10% profit share for each purchase during a full year.

So choose the most suitable links for your marketing plan and start earning money from referring others through Fiverr Affiliate!

Option to use Deep Links

You can direct visitors to specific pages of the Pfeiffer website instead of directing them to the home page.

For example, you are marketing the services that are provided on Fiverr in the field of logo design. You can open Fiverr website and search for Logo Design.

Now you must select and copy the link of this page in order to be able to convert it into an affiliate link from your control panel.

To do this, from the left menu, click on “Default and Deep Links” and then search for an option called “LP URL” and click on it and paste the link to the logo design services page (which you got from Pfeiffer) in the empty box that appears, and press the Enter button on the keyboard your, as shown in the picture.

When you do this, you will notice that the links for Fiverr CPA and Fiverr Hybrid will change to the new link.

Choose the most suitable revenue sharing percentage for you (CPA or Hybrid) and copy the corresponding link and share it on your platforms.

Now, when your visitors click on this link, the visitor will not be directed to the main page of the Pfeiffer website, but will be directed to the logo design services page that you wanted to market.

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3. Obtaining a direct offer of services from the Fiverr Affiliate account

From the left section, choose “Gig Ads Widget”, to be able to obtain a code to display a set of microservices, or as Gig is known, on your website directly.

See the following image to make sure you are in the right place:

Get a direct view of the services from the Fiverr Affiliate account

After choosing the most appropriate information for you from the left menu, you can click on “Embed Code” and then copy the link and place it in the most appropriate place on your website.

It will appear as follows: (Note that you can click on the service and request it directly from here)


And in the event that you choose “Search Box Widget” from the left menu, you will be able to obtain a marketing method similar to the previous one, but it is more like a search box for services via the Pfeiffer website.

Copy the code for the search box and paste it into your website so it looks like this:


Try to click on the search box and type in any keyword for the service you want to obtain, to display many related options.

This is how you help your visitors find what they are looking for easily and at the same time you earn money for every successful purchase on Fiverr.

How much money can be earned from the Fiverr affiliate program?

There are no maximum limits to the profits that can be earned from the Fiverr Affiliate Program, the more successful referrals you complete, the higher the profits.

I will share with you the profit we made in the past month from Fiverr Affiliate.

We rely on our website as a main marketing tool for various Fiverr services, and we get a commission for each successful purchase, as shown in the following image.Our earnings from Fiverr affiliate program

In the left column, “Amount” indicates the profit in dollars per successful referral, with numbers varying depending on how much each individual we referred spent.

In the second column, “Commission Type”, it shows the type of commission we got. As we mentioned earlier, the two main types are, Fiverr CPA and Fiverr Hybrid.

The grand total of the profits is 95 USD.

How can I withdraw profits from the Fiverr affiliate program? 

Profits can be withdrawn from Fiverr Affiliate upon reaching the minimum withdrawal limit, which is 100 USD. If the month ends and you do not reach this limit, the profits will be saved in your Fiverr Affiliate account until you reach it.

There are 3 main ways to withdraw profits from your Fiverr affiliate marketing account:

  • Via PayPal or Payoneer: in the event of withdrawal of profits less than 1000 USD.
  • By bank transfer: when withdrawing profits of more than 1000 USD.

Profits are paid by Fiverr Affiliate once a month, and the main currency for payment can be chosen between: USD, EUR or GBP.

This was the most important information that you need to know about the Fiverr affiliate program.

We will not hide from you that success in it is not an easy thing, because the individual needs to acquire a large fan base to market these services, or he can go to various social media platforms and try to search for topics for individuals in need of help and offer them Pfeiffer services.

For example, you can go to Quora and search for questions related to seeking help from experts in the field of services provided by Pfeiffer, then suggest to those with questions to request the services of qualified individuals on the Pfeiffer website and use your affiliate links to direct them.

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