main factor for measuring the success or failure of any website or blog on the Internet, so what is the benefit if your site does not get visitors? We all know that the basic rule says the greater the number of visitors, the greater the profits, so in this article I will try to present to you, my brother, who follows the 

earnings blog, the best 6 methods personally tested by me to bring visitors to your blog or site   .

6 best (free) ways to bring visitors
6 best (free) ways to bring visitors

I want to point out at the beginning because most of the currently popular methods are paid methods and need investment, and perhaps the most famous of them is Facebook ads or ads via Google, but what you will get from information in this article is exclusively on the Arab Web because I will teach you the secrets of 

getting free traffic and how to bring Thousands of real interactive visitors in a short period of time.

The methods that I will explain in this guide to get traffic:

  1. Pinterest site 
  2. Reddit site
  3. Quora website
  4. Facebook Messenger
  5. SEO 
  6. Facebook groups

#1 Pinterest

Despite its great popularity in the West, especially America and Canada, the Pinterest site is not famous in our Arab world, although it is a treasure for every marketer on the Internet or who is looking for a source 

to bring visitors to his site .

Explanation of Pinterest? How it works ?

You should know, my friend, that 

Pinterest is a photo-sharing site on the Internet, where it allows each user to create his own profile (many people consider Pinterest to be a social networking platform such as Facebook and Twitter) and thus he can share some photos through his account and follow the accounts Others, by following them up and re-publishing the photos they provide on their profile.The most important terms that you should know on Pinterest are:* Pin: It is simply by adding or sharing a post (it can be a picture from a website or a video from YouTube).* Board: The place to add the post (it is the wall of a group of your posts).* Follow: Pinterest enables you to follow any account or board to receive the latest posts related to it.

How do I get visitors to my site via Pinterest?

Before you know one of the most important secrets of 

bringing visitors online via the Pinterest platform, you should know, my friend, that 

this site currently has more than 175 million monthly active users!!
Most of the users of this platform are 

women, with more than 80 percent of the total number of users .More than 63 percent of Pinterest users use the Pinterest app to shop online.So, given this huge and unique number of users, you can, my friend, 

bring visitors to your site as quickly as possible through the wonderful platform by marketing the images on your site and placing them on its wall (Board).Of course, every image you add, and when the user clicks on it, will transfer it directly to your site, and thus you will get a visitor for free.

viral post

So simply this is how the site works, and what you will try to do in the beginning is to make your account large by following other accounts that have the same interest as your site, and therefore they will also follow you, then add an attractive image from your site and Pin it to its wall, and thus you will get Targeted visitors and loyal followers of what you offer.

What is the best domain for Pinterest marketing?

After understanding the work of this platform and 

how to attract visitors , the question that arises is which sites are best for marketing via Pinterest? And the answer is, of course, after looking at the most important statistics, that this type of traffic is very suitable for women, especially sites that sell clothes and women’s needs, and it is also suitable for everyone who works to 

profit from Google AdSense .You can follow this video, I explained the method in detail step by step.

for promoting CPA offers and 

profiting from Amazon affiliates , I suggest the second method, which is to drive traffic through Reddit.

#2 Reddit

Reddit is one of the most prominent

 sources of visitors that I personally like, but unfortunately it is not widely used in our Arab world due to a lack of understanding of how it works, or posting in a random way that leads to the deletion of your account.

Reddit explanation? How it works ?

The idea of the Reddit site is based on the user sharing his content, except if it is an image, an article link, or just a text post, and giving ratings to that post by pressing upvote and downvote. Every post that gets a large number of positive reviews or upvote, Reddit puts that post on top. The Reddit system divides the site into pages or what is called a subreddit, and each page includes a large number of distinguished subscribers who specialize in one field (niche), and thus will generate a lot of targeted visits to your site.

How to bring real visitors to your site via the Reddit platform?

Reddit is one of the largest sites in the world today, and here are some important statistics about it:

  • It has more than 330 million monthly active users
  • It contains more than 138 thousand subreddit groups currently active
  • A large number of visitors from America, which ranks 5
  • It is currently ranked 17th in terms of the number of visitors in the world

I share with you in this infographic the most important statistics for Reddit.

Reddit presents it as the best 
Reddit presents it as the best 

So, given the wonderful statistics, and Reddit presents it as the best 

program to bring visitors that currently exists, what you simply need is to create an account and start publishing links to your site or blog.Of course, as I said at the beginning, the posting will not be random, because the Reddit site will delete your account. What you need once the account is created is to obtain Karma Points, which will help you later in gaining trust from the site later.

How do I get Karma Points?

After creating the account, Reddit will not allow you to post a link for a period of 30 days, which is of course to avoid spam. 

What you will do during this period is comment on other users’ posts , and therefore any person who will make a positive upvote for your comment will get a point, 

note in the image below How did this comment get more than 15,000 points?

Bring visitors Reddit presents it as the best
Reddit presents it as the best

When you reach 100 points, then you can start getting traffic for your site.

How to get hits

After you reach a large number of points, it is time to get free visits, as we said earlier, and what you will do now is search for a subreddit group that matches the niche you are targeting.

Suppose that you work in the field of profit from CPA and you want to promote an offer represented in installing a VPN program, what you have to do is publish the link to your landing page in the appropriate group or search for questions on the site and give them your link as advice. These methods will bring you visits and imaginary profits.

#3 Quora

Quora is almost completely unknown in the Arab world, but I consider it one of the best 

ways to get free traffic to your site .

 Explanation of Quora site? And how does it work? 

The largest sites for answering questions have disappeared from the web today, led by 

Google Answers , which unfortunately no longer exists, but Quora is the best compensated site now, as it is a site that includes questions and answers, so what people do is ask your question to find the best answers to it, and what What distinguishes it from others is that all these answers are subject to a vote, where the answer that received the largest number of positive votes remains in the lead.

How can Quora help me get visitors to my site?

  •  Quora gets more than 300 million active users per month.
  • It is ranked 48 in America and 94 in the world.
  • Quora gets more than 300 million unique visitors per month.
  • 40 percent of Quora visitors use mobile phones 

As you can see, Quora has a very large number of visitors, which makes it a real treasure for every product or website owner who wants to market it and get interested customers. My friend in the picture below noticed with me that one answer got more than 389,000 views.

Bring visitors

Let’s assume that you are working to bring visitors to profit from Google Adsense, and you are the owner of that answer, and you have advised people to go to your article for those looking to understand 

profit from YouTube ! You will then get big profits from Adsense! Without spending any cent! Isn’t that cool?Always focus on the quality of the answer if you want to succeed on this site and do not write a few lines and leave your site link! Make everything look natural, that is, make your answer look like a long article and stamp it with your site’s link for more details, and this will earn you credibility from the members of the site, and thus your answer will get a large number of positive evaluations, and thus you will gain the credibility of the site as well.

#4 Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is considered one of the best and best new resources used by the largest marketers today.

Why Facebook Messenger in particular?

Of course, we all know email marketing, which depends on collecting a mailing list in different ways, then emailing that list to promote offers, sell products, or bring visits, but why is marketing via Messenger so much better than marketing via email? Firstly, because e-mail marketing needs money for the company that will use it to collect e-mails and then send messages to them, unlike Messenger 

, it is 100 percent free, so you are dealing with the Facebook company, and secondly, because the click-through rate on the message exceeds 60 percent, which is wonderful. Thirdly, and most importantly, the terrible traffic that Messenger gets, as it gets more than 1.3 billion active users per month.

How to work and bring visits via Messenger?

What you need in the beginning is to subscribe to a bot program that collects a list, so what you have to do is get traffic in order for them to register in your bot, so that the person registers in the bot, all he has to do is send a message to your Facebook page and thus join the list.

Bring visitors traffic with messenger
traffic with messenger

You should encourage people to participate in your bot program by offering gifts in your field such as books or valuables.

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You can get fantastic profits through this method, especially if you target well the list that you collect in your bot because every visitor you get is a permanent recorder in your list that you can email whenever you want.

#5 SEO

SEO is considered the best source of visitors to your site because it is 100% free and the visits come from the search engine, and this is what makes it unique and targeted visits.

What is seo? 

SEO means preparing your site for search engines, or what is called in English Search Engine Optimization, so that your site or blog tops the first results in search engines such as Google and Bing.You may ask me how can I be number one in Google? My friend, this depends on many factors that must be available on your site in order to rank well in search engines.Of course, Google never fully discloses these factors, but in this article that I advise you to read, I have presented almost the most important of them.

Search engines: the most important 30 factors 

How do I get visitors from the search engine?

To bring real visitors to your site through the search engine, you must first know that the most important rule in Google’s ranking is that 

content is king , as it must be exclusive and attractive to the reader. Also, you should pay attention to the internal seo of your site, such as paying attention to the title of each article, that is, your target keyword should be in the title of the article.You can follow the SEO Secrets course to get the details of creating campaigns to raise your site’s ranking in the search engine. Also, you should use the tags for the main and subheadings, and distribute the target word in all parts of the article. You should also take care of external SEO by building backlinks that refer to your site and article and publish it on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

You can achieve great profits by leading Google, especially for those who work in the field of blogging and 

profit from Google Adsense , because this field is the best for everyone who does not have capital in order to make ads.

#6 Facebook groups

Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world today. And we, as marketers, must use it intelligently to bring free visitors to our site, and the best place that I personally use to bring a large number of free traffic to my posts is through Facebook groups.What I do simply, my brothers, is to join the largest number of strong and interactive groups related to the niche that I target in my blog, and then start automatic publishing without spam or disturbing visitors, which helped me multiply the number of visitors to my sites more than 3 times.Of course, this process of joining groups, searching and publishing will take you a lot of effort and time, so I will present to you these paid programs that I use to do everything in an automatic way and without my intervention.The programs that I use are add-ons for Google Chrome that can be easily installed and used.

The mentioned additions are:

* Tool to search for groups via keywords

Download add visitors from here 

* Tool to enter groups legally

Download the aforementioned add-on from here

* Posting tool on groups without disturbing visitors

Download the aforementioned add-on from here After downloading all of them, do not forget to leave a comment to share your wonderful experience using this large number of visitors. In the end, I hope that I have benefited you, my brother, with this article, which I consider exclusive on the Arab Web, especially since some of the ways described in it 

to bring visitors you may know for the first time, and that it is a reference for everyone who is not good at or has the capital to buy paid traffic.I wish success to everyone, and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments, and I will be glad to answer you.