Affiliate marketing is one of the best areas of profit from the Internet due to the large profits that the marketer obtains, as your profits from this distinguished field can exceed more than $100 per week.

how to make money with affiliate marketing

What is affiliate or affiliate marketing?

The marketing system is based on the principle that the publisher provides marketing services to the advertiser in exchange for a certain commission ranging from 2 to 10 percent with different offers and different companies, and it is paid according to the agreement between them.
The idea of ​​affiliate marketing  begins with the advertiser, who opens an affiliate marketing system for the goods, services or offers he owns.There are many sites that offer the possibility of profit, but the disadvantages of commission marketing are that most companies do not accept beginners or require that you have a website or blog that has many visits and an excellent ranking in AlexaThat is why I present to you today the  Admitad  website, which specializes in mediation between publishers and advertisers, and includes more than 1,000 advertising companies, and most importantly, it accepts small blogs, even if you do not have a blog, as it accepts small Facebook pages as well.Also interested in:  Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Companies

How can I subscribe to Admitad and what are the ways to profit from it?

The Admitad platform is the best e-marketing company according to my experience now. It is a global platform based in Germany. It was established in 2010 and deals with many well-known companies that have a great reputation on the Internet with the company’s credibility and numerous payment proofs.You can withdraw your profits in this wonderful company through:

  • – PayPal
  • – WebMoney
  • – Epayments

It deals with large companies such as aliexpess, eBay, adidas, gearbest and other large companies, and you can when you join them and work with them as a publisher marketing the products of the companies joining them by shortening their links or publishing their banners on your blog or website.Now we come to the most important thing, which is to register with   Admitad  

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Of course, you add your real information to create the account, and then it asks you for an important step, which is what is the method used in marketing. You can put your YouTube channel if you want to promote offers via YouTube or through your Facebook page or through your site or blog or even take the link directly, the excellent site It supports beginners and your acceptance rate is very large.
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of how to promote offers, simply tell them

 I will place your Links in my website and I will promote offres from paid source like google adwords and facebook ads

Affiliate Marketing

After your account is activated, you can work directly and promote offers and earn your commission through every sale made through your referral link. Here I will give you my strategy in the field of commission marketing , where I, for example, promote Gerbit offers, for example, by entering their page via Facebook and Search for the best exclusive offers and coupons, put the product link in Admitad and convert it to your own link, and publish the same offer in the Facebook groups, so you will be able to profit from Facebook through that offer and the people who will buy the product from the link which I posted.

elieve me, if you do the work correctly and with the same strategy that I explained, you will be able, God willing, to win more than $100 per week through this method.