Affiliate marketing  is considered one of the best areas of the Internet to achieve profits, as any marketer can easily make more than 1000 dollars per month when choosing the best offers.

What do you think, my brother, to learn how to achieve monthly profits exceeding 1000, as I am currently achieving from the field of commission marketing by choosing the best affiliate marketing companies with a large financial return and not needing great difficulty to succeed in attracting subscribers in those offers?

This list is a comprehensive guide in which we will provide the best affiliate marketing programs such as web hosting, website builders, VPNs, travel, finance, fashion, beauty, and fitness.

If you are new to the field and do not know what affiliate marketing is or how this system works, I advise you to read the article on affiliate  marketing with Admitad  .

The best affiliate marketing companies in terms of profitability 

#1 Affiliate Fiverr

Affiliate Fiverr is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money from commission marketing programs, as it is generously offered to everyone who brings subscribers to the site who make the purchase, where the commission ranges from 15 to 50 dollars, I mean, imagine that you bring a new subscriber who buys a service at a price of only 5 dollars. You can earn more than 50 dollars from it.

Affiliate fiverr

You can subscribe to the Fiverr Affiliate Program from here:  Affiliates Fiverr

#2 Affiliate Bluehost

For those who do not know Bluehost company, it is special in the field of hosting, and it also offers large profits in the affiliate, so you find most foreign bloggers recommend it as the best hosting company, especially with the large commission offered by the company where it offers an amount of 65 dollars for each sale, and your profits can reach up to $100 per customer when bringing in more than 10 sales in one month.

To join the Bluehost affiliate program from here:  Bluehost Affiliate

#3 Elementor Affiliate

For those who do not know Elementor, it is a WordPress plugin that can be used easily to create websites and create landing pages with ease and without experience using the move and paste feature.

Almentor offers an excellent commission when marketing the commission for this plugin. It offers 50 percent of every placard you sell, meaning that you can earn between $25 and $500 for each new buyer .

You can join Elementor Affiliate here 

#4 Affiliate Sendinblue

For those who do not forgive Sendinblue, it is specialized in the field of email marketing or e-mail marketing, and what is unique about this company is that you will get $100 for each customer who chooses the paid plan and $5 just for registering and activating his account .

To sign up for the Sendinblue Affiliate Program, click here.  Sendinblue Affiliate Program

#5 Affiliate Shopify

Surely you have focused on the Shopify program for everyone who explains the creation of online sites or dropshipping sites, because of the large commission offered by Shopify, where it offers 200 percent for each new buyer .

You can now start marketing for the Shopify program from the Shopify Affiliate link

#6 Affiliate Wix

Wix is ​​a site that helps you to create websites and e-stores easily, you can now engage in the promotion of Wix through their affiliate marketing system, it offers an amount of $ 100 per sale 

You can subscribe to their affiliate program from the Wix Affiliate link 

#7 Constant Contact . Affiliate Marketing

Constant Contact is a distinguished company that combines creating stores, landing pages and email marketing. You can earn money from them through affiliate marketing, where you will earn $5 per person once they create their account, and you will earn up to $105 for each paid subscription to the site.

You can request to join this company from the Constant Contact Affiliate link 

#8 Affiliate Program 1PASSWORD 

1PASSWORD is a good and terrible site to save passwords, notes and accounts, very helpful for anyone who has many passwords and is afraid of them being stolen or lost, so you can use the promotion of this site easily, as it offers 2 dollars for each new subscriber by simply subscribing and activating his account! Imagine with me that you are a technical blogger who is only explaining the features of this program, you will definitely attract many subscribers without any experience! Isn’t that good?

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You can join the affiliate marketing program at 1PASSWORD from the 1password Affiliate link 

The best affiliate marketing companies that I advise you to join 

Affiliate Commission Junction CJ

It is an excellent company known in the Arab world, and I personally recommend it to every beginner, especially with the many offers it offers and also the payment methods that suit most Arab countries, with the possibility of withdrawing through Pioneer Bank or Paysera.

CJ Company Link

Impact . Company

Although it is not famous in the Arab world, I personally consider it number 1 compared to all the companies that profit from commission marketing in the world today, as it includes many reliable companies that offer commission or excellent factors compared to the rest of the existing companies.

Personally, I have made more than 50 thousand dollars by dealing with this company so far.

You can join it from Impact

FlexOffers Company

It is also a reliable company with many offers, but its only drawback is that it does not easily accept beginners, as you are subject to many questions that are manually reviewed to accept you to join them.

You can request to join here FlexOffers

ShareASale Company

It is a very respectable company, only when you are affiliate marketing in this company choose the product wisely, for example if you are a blogger and write articles about WordPress or SEO or technology, then you should promote products such as SEO plugins with template acceleration plugins. The important thing is to always promote according to what you have experience, it will help in finding potential customers and more sales.

You can now join ShareASale

Edmitad Company

As for this company, we have prepared for you, my dear brother, a full video showing how to deal with it and how to make excellent profits from promoting Admitad’s affiliate offers.

You can follow it in the next video.

Of course, these companies were the best according to my experience, but they are not the only ones, but you can now start working on them and focus on all the tips provided in this video and you will achieve excellent profits