Examples of 10 successful drop service stores

Examples of 10 successful drop service stores

When you choose to work on the drop service, you certainly like to sell services to customers, but you do not do it directly, but rather you hire another independent person to do it on your behalf, and once he finishes it, you send it to the customer for a fee to be determined.

And the profit here comes when the service is delivered to the customer at a higher price than what was paid to the freelancer, and therefore you can start with a very small amount because you will only need to build a store to display your services, and all of this information we mentioned previously in the most powerful comprehensive guide in the Arab world titled: “The comprehensive guide to profit from the Drop Service

And as it is always said that the example is the best guide to simplify the information and take ideas. From this standpoint, I gathered for you in this article a group of stores that sell services with the Drop Service system, so that you can see the strengths and weaknesses of each site to take ideas from them, and God willing, after you create your own site, you will find It’s much better, the important thing is to take the first step and start.

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1. upweb

It is one of the sites that provide search engine optimization, marketing and advertising services, which provides a free evaluation of the performance of your website and highlights technical problems, classified keywords, backlinks and other services that increase the chances of success of your website … and of course after discovering the problem in Your site tells you that it has services that help you solve the problem, and frankly, I liked this idea very much.

Services provided by the site:

The services of this website are content writing, website analysis, web hosting solutions, email, website development, and keyword research.

The strengths of this site so that we can learn from them:

The site has several points that I saw in it, and by virtue of my work, I see them as very important. The first of them, of course, is what I told you about above, which is the idea that they give you the option to analyze your site for free to find out its problems, and then the services are offered to you. The second thing is the idea that they always put case studies, and finally the deal within the site itself.

Weaknesses of this site to avoid:

The user interface is not very attractive (which is good for honesty but not the best thing) so my advice to you is to pay attention to the look of the site and lastly always keep it simple, they always say elegance and beauty in simplicity.

2. Pandacopy

It is a site that the owner of Zach has been working in the field of digital marketing for more than 15 years, and of course what it provides depends on some of its services … It is a website that provides copywriting or copywriting services, and of course this is one of the site’s strengths because it is specialized and this strengthens trust.

The only drawback of this site is that as soon as you enter it, you feel that you are in a children’s site (the name of the site is the one that caused this). Frankly, in marketing, I liked the idea, which is thinking outside the box, but not in this way. In fact, the site looks like a place for children.

3. darvideo

This is also one of the sites that operates the drop service system and includes all services related to video graphics, two-dimensional animation, illustration video, animation …

The strengths of this site:

The thing that attracted my attention the most to this site is the simple, symmetrical design, really a terrible consistency, and how not when they basically sell design and animation services!! Of course, as usual, there is a page for the business exhibition on the site.

4. Hands Off Publishing

It is a website that works in the field of drop services and provides creative writing services, and of course, as you can see, all the sites that we mentioned are specialized in one field.

The advantages of the site are that they collected details of everything related to the site presented in the form of an explanatory video, and the site does not exaggerate much in the prices of services … As for the disadvantages of this site, it is represented in that its format is somewhat old, meaning that it is not good enough, but it is acceptable, especially since it Design based on simplicity.

5. smartling

Smart Link is a famous site that cares about translation services and helps its clients to translate their websites, product pages, social media content, blogs, etc….

And other matters more related to translating the language they want, and the site’s features are that you can chat with the site team directly, or you can contact them by filling out forms … and of course, the site’s design is very vital.

6. brafton.com

This is another popular drop service site that provides content marketing services, including content creation, graphic design, video creation, search engine optimization, and social media marketing….

Features of this site:

They put their testimonies on the site in the form of video clips, but they search for the problem and give a solution to it in the relevant place, but the only drawback of the site is that it is somewhat complicated, which means that you feel lost inside the site and do not know where to go.

7. easy translate

easytranslate is another example of websites that offer all kinds of translation services with the drop service system, but this site has an additional advantage over others, which is that it performs language proofreading, and a descriptive section separate from pricing has been created to remove all customer doubts about their prices.

However, the site offers an urgent translation service and also offers a 14-day free trial version through which you can try the site and translate it, but the only drawback here is that this site is not attractive enough.

8. voices

Without talking too much, this site offers voiceover services, sound production, translation and everything related to music …

What made this site so popular is the great professionalism, especially since the look of the site itself suggests professionalism, and of course, not to mention that it is organized in a way that makes the user experience smooth.

9. invoke

It is another voiceover platform available on the Internet and provides its services all over the world and also relies on drop services. As usual, the site specializes in services related to voice … and its advantage is that it is organized in a way that makes the experience of use simple, and this you will notice when you enter the site.

10. wooshiI

The last site we have on this list, which also depends on the drop service, as it provides all services related to video graphics and editing … By the way, this site is large and very famous, and I actually advise you to take ideas from it.

The thing that attracted my attention the most to the site is that it has a blog that they care about very much, and unfortunately this matter is often neglected when building a site to work in the field of drop services, although the content is the reason to attract the audience and thus sell services.

Some special advice I have for you my friend :

Let me end this article with some tips, as I see many sites that sell drop-service services:

  1. Add a blog to your website to increase traffic and increase the survival time of your visitors
  2. Try to choose attractive topics for your website that are relevant to your service.
  3. Try to make everything clear about your services so that your customer doesn’t have any questions to ask.
  4. Maintain the quality of your website and the services you build.
  5. Pay attention to the design of the site because it is the main gateway to your expression.
  6. Try to gain the trust of your customers by highlighting your achievements.